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Welcome to Elizabeth Dean Fiduciary Services.

We are here to provide you and your loved ones with quality service in handling matters such as trust administration, conservatorship/guardianship, bill pay, and power of attorney for finances or healthcare. Our clients receive thoughtful and compassionate service from our staff to take care of their day-to-day needs. We look forward to continuing or starting our relationship with you.

Elderly Hands

Help When You Need It

At Elizabeth Dean Fiduciary Services, we help you or your loved ones with the burden of managing personal daily care, finances, housing, medical needs, paying bills, and handling trusts. We are held to the highest ethical standards in the care of and loyalty to our clients.

Services We Provide

We work to protect your loved one’s estate through ethical financial management and compassionate personal care.

We manage financial, physical care and living arrangements.

We act on your behalf and and in your best interest.

We ensure that all bills are managed and paid accurately, efficiently, and ethically, in a timely manner.

It is our goal to execute the trust in the most efficient and ethical manner.

Probate occurs when someone passes away, known as a decedent, with or without a will, and no trust agreement.

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